Elec. Quirk 88 S-10 Blazer


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Elec. Quirk 88 S-10 Blazer

My trucks buzzer just started buzzing when I turn the lights on even after the door is shut and it's running. Then my fuel gauge stopped working after I got gas. Later in the day the dash fuse kept blowing. The oil and volt gauges quit working. The truck will run for about 10 minutes and then give out. I have to jump it to start it. If I disconnect the poss. from the battery the truck dies. The alternator is good though. I figure there is a bear wire somewhere. Something to do with that buzzer and lights or with the gauges. I thought that the starter could have a bad ground. Any help??
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A couple of things:

1) Removing the battery cable with the engine running to test the alternator is a good way to wipe out the diodes in the unit. Use a digital meter and check the output as posted in my "The Basics" post below.

2) What makes you think the alternator is "good"?

Sounds like a discharging alternator or a loose ground. ST series trucks have a body ground under the LH side kick panel as I remember and they can loosen up and cause grief. Have seen it a few times in the past.

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