sounds like a fan


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Unhappy sounds like a fan

have an astro all wheel drive ´91. two weeks ago started to make a sound like a fan running and hitting on something. got it in the mechanics and said it was the fan clutch. but when out of the workshop it started again and louder. get it back in and said has something to do with the water pump. got it out again now sounds even worse. like something is spinning and constantly hitting something, it sounds when I accelerate, turn corners and when i think it can´t get worse it stop sounding for a small time only to start again. Need help. Hope is not transmition related.
Also, where can i get the ¨check engine¨codes ?
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Remove your serpentine belt, start the engine & see if the noise goes away. If the noise is gone with the belt removed, suspect one of the accessories (a/c compressor, AIR pump, alternator, p/s pump).

With the engine off, turn each component by had & listen for the noise.

As for the trouble codes, try .

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