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My 1983 Cadillac Sedan DeVille 4.1, has a bad compressor,seals leak, clutches bad,makes loud grinding noise.The low side line comming out of the rear of the compressor has a leak at the connection point just before the reciever dryer,seal must be bad ,plan on replacing line. There is no freon in the system now , so when I replace the compressor and line , what prep work,or proceedures need to be done prior to putting in the changeover freon 134? The shops want 700 to 900 dollars for this changeover. I can secure the new compressor ,line,and retrofit refill kit for 170 dollars. Can I do this?
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Be careful about spending any money on this car. The HT4100 is a terrible engine and not worth a wooden nickel. You'll put all that money into the AC and the car will grenade .

At this age, most of the system is likely toast . Those conversion kits are hokey and don't offer long term service and are more problematic than they are worth.

It varies by vehicle as to what is to be converted.
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well if you do decide to fix the vehicle dont buy a refill kit just buy your compressor,accumalator and orfice tube and the line that you mentioned was leaking and you will need some r12 to r134a adapters to install on the current r-12 fittings and you will also need some r134a approved oil alot of compressors come dry and oil should be added before installing, install your accumulator last and then take to a shop as soon as possible to have system vacumed down and filled with r134a.

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