Clarify my universal joint problem?


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Clarify my universal joint problem?

When had tires put on my '98 Ranger the mechanic said I had a bad universal joint.The only problem I have with this recently purchased truck is squeak noticed when backing out of the garage and a sticking of the accelarator pedal when it is first used.I don't know if either of these symptoms are related to the universal joint though.I know that I can change the universal if no special tools are needed.I only question the mechanics diagnosis.
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Mileage? Is there play in the shaft when you wiggle it?
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Lightbulb U-joint

Is this a 2 wheel or 4 wheel drive?

Sticking accelerator......hmmmmm could be many things.

U-joint....through my years of turning wrenches and diagnosing noises and problems, I can almost assure you the squeek you hear when backing up is in fact a u-joint (or more than one) gone bad. As Joe suggested, check the driveline for any amount of play at the u-joint. If there is any, replace the u-joint.
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the sticking accelerator problem is probably a dirty throttle plate. just use throttle cleaner at the throttle plate. as far as the u-joints you dont have to have loosness to be bad.just worn out or rust in needle bearings could cause squeaks. if mechanic says its bad just let him replace it.

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