make my 82'mustang start


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Unhappy make my 82'mustang start

To the reply from bejay or anyone-

How would i check to make sure I have power to the ignition coil??
I know that's new too. Also I just put in a high performance distributor cap. How would I check to see if there is bad pick-up in the distributor?? Thanks for the suggestions!!!!!
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Please keep all replies in the same thread.

You're going to need a 12V test light or a Multi-meter to check the ignition system. Test lights cost less than $10 at most parts stores. Multi-meters are more expensive, but can be borrowed from big chain stores like Autozone. A $14 Haynes manual will provide specific diagnostic information. You don't have to be an automotive whiz to diagnose this system. Anyone who can read & follow directions can pinpoint the faulty part by following the diagnostic procedure in the Haynes manual.
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I agree with Knuckles 100%.

Do you have spark at the plugs?

That being said, check the links in my signature file below.

Also many parts stores can test the electronic parts for free or low cost to advise if they are bad before you spend the money on it.
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Thank you for your response-

I know that I'm getting spark at the plugs. The spaceing was wrong then I fixed it. I went last night and replaced the alternator and that wasn't the prob. So I do have a Chilton manual and the tester light. I will try that. If not I will replace the distributor because I have no clue how old that is. I will respond back to let you know what comes of it. Thank you -

Not so confused anymore!!
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Whoa Nelley. Don't start changing parts. It gets prohibitively expensive quickly!

Read the link below and go from there.

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