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My 1994 Nissan Pathfinder LE, 4wd w/overdrive is having transmission problems. It started out that it would stall when cold when we tried to go in reverse. Now we have lost use of reverse all together. In forward gears it rev's a bit when shifting from 2nd to 3rd. I was told originally that it was probably the torque converter, now I am considering trying to do the job myself and am thinking about rebuilding the transmission. I have never done any transmission work before, is this hard, or just a matter of paying attention to detail?
Any help would be appreciated,
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I wouldn't recommend rebuilding your own transmission. Specialized tools and techniques are needed.

What you can do is remove and replace the tranny yourself and farm the rebuild out to someone. This way, you'll get a guarantee of some sort.

That being said, it might be worth pricing out a Nissan rebuilt tranny. Has the most updated parts and is the best rebuilt out there.
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I agree with Joe transmissions are not like doing brakes or a tune up.I do not think it is your converter though.I do not rebuild Nissan transmissions,but your problem seems to indicate a valve body problem.Specifically the 2-3 shift valve being stuck.Go with a rebuilt unit you will be ahead of the game.

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