honda keys


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joe breckenridge
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honda keys

bought a use 93 honda accord only key is a valae key
it will work to start the car but not on the other things(trunk gas cap release and such)
does anyone know how I can go about getting another non-valae key
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You have a couple of options:

1. The key code is usally located on a sticker somewhere in the car. The glove box, trunk & spare tire well are favorite "hiding spots" for Japanese key codes. With the code, a locksmith can cut you a new "master" key.

2. Contact the original selling dealer. Provide the dealer with your VIN & proof of ownership. The dealer *may* still have the key code on file, or may be able to trace the code via the VIN number & cut you a new "master" key.

3. The typical "master" key might have 8 or 10 cuts on it. The Valet key omits the last 1 or 2 cuts, preventing access to the trunk. A locksmith may be able to "figure out" your key cut through trial & error (there are only 5 cut depth possibilites for each cut position).
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Option #4. Call Honda Motor Company directly and see if they retain that information. They may be able to get it for you if you can verify why you need it through the vin #.

I agree with Knuckles otherwise. A good locksmith should be able to sort it all out.

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