93 Subaru Headlight


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Exclamation 93 Subaru Headlight

I have a 93 Subaru Legacy LS Sedan 4 cyl engine 2.2, Auto trans.

The headlight has an electrical short in it. When the low beams are on the wiring harness gets hot and burns. Can I fix this problem without replacing the harness completely and how hard is it to replace the harness?

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Please keep all posts on the same vehicle together.

Was this car in an accident? You mention another short in another post and it seems like there's trouble throughout the electrical system.
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Yep this car has been in 2 accidents that I know of. I don't know if it had been in any before I bought it the car was 5 years old when I bought it.

The first accident someone hit the front passenger side fender and back to the back passenger side door. Most of the damage was to the front fender though the doors were just body damage. This accident caused $3400 in damage, from what I was told the frame was bent and it needed a new cv boot and I dont remember anything else.

The second accident happened about 2 months later I was at a red light and was rear ended and pushed in to the car in front of me. This one caused $3200 in damage and I am pretty sure this one was just body damage nothing mechanical!

Does this help?
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Yup, pitch it.

Two major collisions like that are too much for a car to handle. No telling how good the work was. The wiring is likely a mess from all the hands into the car. Cars in accidents tend to have a lot of electrical gremlins that are bears to fix. You'll spend a lot of green tracking down the problems on it, but you'll always have a tweaked frame and other woes.

There are plenty of these cars out there in better shape that are accident free and are worthy of keeping. A car in two major crashes like that is not one of them.

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