93 Subaru blower


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93 Subaru blower

I have a 93 subaru legacy ls sedan auto trans, 4cyl 2.2 engine, with a/c
The blower for the heater and the a/c I think has a short in it?
The blower will only turn on if when I turn the car on it is turned on and everything else is off, and if it doesn't turn on then if I am driving down the road and i hit a bounce that sometimes turns the blower on!
How can I find out where the short is and what do I do to fix this. I know the car has a short in it. It has had once every since I bought it used 4 years ago. The short is getting worse the gas gauge doesn't work any more either.
I don't want to put a lot of money into the car b/c it is old and it does have 172000 miles on it.

Any help you can offer is appreciated.
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Check the links below, finding the blower motor and then follow the harness to see if there are any chaffed wires, bare wires or things pinched.
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This might not be the problem but it is worth a check. If this car has the same configuration as the 92's do on the blower speeds it may be the resistor bank. It is fairly easy to check. It is located on the passenger side right above where your feet would be located sitting in the car.Look for 2 small screws holding it in and a wiring harness attached. Basically all it is a voltage divider. Full blower speed is 12 volts, across one resistor coil is #3 speed and so on..... I normally fix them myself but it may be more than you would want to do since it uses a special type of wire and it difficult to solder on the Nichrome wire........ It may be the switch itself but its unlikely.

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