79 ranchero 351m emmissions vac line to


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79 ranchero 351m emmissions vac line to

what s proceedure when adding air pump in reguard to carb adj. and timing. need to pass state of az emmisions. car had no emmission control equipment. installed air pump and anti backfirevalve any infro most helpful vac line from bypass valve to where? thanks
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Have a look under your hood. There should be the emission control information and sticker under there. It will tell you where all the vacuum lines go.

If not, have a look in my signature file below.
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79 ranchero 351m emmissions

no infro under hood none car had no smoog control when it came into my ownership. am in dark.car needs air pump sys. pcv
sys. fuel evap sys. to pass state test. car has no egr sys. I assumed by dumping air pump into intake that timing and or carb mixture would need adj. thanks again
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I think you need to find yourself a book.Where Im not sure but I can tell you this.Your air pump should be pumping air into the exhaust not the intake.Maybe the AZ emission people can provide you with the diagrams.If they cant produce the emission diagrams how would they know you need them?
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An old Motor book or a factory service manual will have this type of information.

That being said, your best bet would be to find another similar car in the junkyard that has all of the needed stuff and pirate it from that. Much of that older gear is obsolete from Ford and if it's still available, it's going to soak you for a mint.

I never understood why people bypass emission controls. You gain ZERO benefit by doing it.
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ranchero smog

Here in CA there are two types of vehicles as related to SMOG test. There is the the CA vehicle; one sold when new in CA with CA SMOG parts. And there is the FEDERAL vehicle; one when new sold out of state not having CA Smog parts. The FED vehicle does not have to be changed, SMOG wise, if it has the original engine. Might you have a FED thing in AZ?
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Either way, it's a gazorch with everything missing and should be straightened out.

The best way is to garner all the parts from another wrecked vehicle of the same vintage and go from there. Also getting a book as a reference (shop manual) is something valuable to get as well.

Between those two things, there should be good reference to straighten it out.

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