90 Integra: got the shakes


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Thumbs down 90 Integra: got the shakes

Patient's profile: 1990 Acura Integra 1.8L, manual transmission, mileage = 145,000 miles (233,000km)

Patient's Symptoms: car starts to vibrate more than usual when idling at stop light. This is not a big block luxury car, and thus it has always vibrated a little bit. But lately, the amount of idling vibration has increased. The vibration is clearly felt by even just looking at the steering wheel. (When at a light, I usually idle in neutral, and the problem is not different when I have my foot on the clutch.)

Frequency of vibration: The vibration occurs and is noticed when stopped at a light. When I release the brake, the vibration subsides. When I re-apply the brake, the vibration resumes. While the car is in motion, unusual vibration is not felt in the steering column.

Maintenance history:
- regular oil changes
- all parts original except for timing belt, water pump, right side CV shaft, right side lower control arm, right side spindle
- due for rad flush

Questions for the doctors:
1. I guess this does happen with some older small cars, but should I be concerned?
2. How do begin to diagnose what the problem could be?
3. What are the most likely problems? Engine related? Cooling system related? Braking system related?

My poor Integra might finally be getting "old."
Thanks in advance for your help.
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Might check for broken motor mounts. That will cause good (or bad) vibrations at a stoplight. Probably all wiped out at this stage of the game.

If the car runs smoothly otherwise, not likely that it's mechanically (to the engine) related.
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Question engine mounts replacement cost?

It doesn't sound like "broken engine mounts" is something I can do by myself, so... what might a mechanic charge me for something replacing broken mounts? (either in time or dollars)
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$50-250 depending on location. most can actually be replaced with 2 jacks and a little time. buy a manual (even the cheap ones usually cover this) and check it out yourself. good luck.

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