94 Camry


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94 Camry

I have a 94 Camry LE with a 2.2 engine and a 4 speed automatic transmission that seems to have a "moody" transmission. Sometimes (but not always), it refuses to shift from 1st to second gear unless I let go of the accelerator for a brief second, or the car reaches around 5000 rpm. When it shift the "right" way it will shift around 2500 rpm, and about 3200 rpm if I press the gas a bit harder. It will do that mostly when cold, but sometimes when hot also. It only does it between 1st and 2nd. Even if I barely press the gas pedal, it will refuse to shift, and when it does it immediately goes all the way to third gear (you can see the rpms drop down in two cycles, and can feel the gears changing. I was thinking that the 1st to 2nd valve is "possesed". Is that something that can be changed without taking the whole transmission apart? I did notice that if I floor the accelerator, it does the same thing (which is supposed to), and after that it will keep on wanting to change the 1st to 2nd gear at 5000 rpm for a fairly long time (hours), regardless of how softly the accelerator is pressed. This car some sort of electronic throttle control (the gas pedal isn't direcly connected to the throttle body, there is some sort of electric motor in between, but I don't know if that has anything to do with it.
On a related note, the same mentioned car has a non-functioning ABS system. At power up you can gear the relays in the module click, but the ABS idiot light doesn't turn on and off as supposed, and the wheels lock up at braking. The idiot light circuit is not receiving any power from the computer, so I assume the ABS computer is partially dead. The dealer wants $700 for a new one, but they refuse to check the old one first. I've that some parts store can check some electronic modules, but do any of them check an ABS computer? The cheapest rebuilt I've seen was almost $400, and I'd like to be sure that's the cause before I swap it.
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The transmission sounds like it has internal failure .

That being said, if you decide to keep the car, get the factory OE book before diagnosing the ABS system. It sounds like a stuck module, but it's not something to gamble without the right service information.

Either an Alldata.com subscription or a factory manual is suggested on this one.

Yes, many better parts stores can test an ABS computer. They do it through their electronics supplier.
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I do have an AllData subscription on the car, and this is how I deduced the computer may be faulty. I looked at the factory manual also (at the dealer), and the diagnostic procedure in Alldata seems like it was literally scanned from the OE book. Either way, a defective computer was their "best educated guess". I'll see if Murrays or PepBoys can check that module for me. Assuming they can actually get me a replacement module.
Regarding the transmission, it seems strange that the tranny will fail at only 60000 miles. After all, this is a Camry, and on the previous Camrys I had the tranny lasted over 140000 miles. It's just a very strange problem, and it seems to be a "memory" problem. When it first does it, it will keep on doing it until it "learns" to change gears when it's supposed to. If I push it again, it will forget for a while. Strange....

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