2001 Izuzu (I need more power)


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2001 Izuzu (I need more power)

I have a 2001 Izuzu Rodeo...and it only has 4 cylinders. It has a power button for overdrive...so that the vehicle speeds up enough to pass when coming off an exit or passing another car. I am wondering if anyone can tell me if it's o.k. to drive with the power button on at all times? Will it hurt the engine. Thank you for considering my question and I look forward to reading a response. [email protected]
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You won't hurt anything but you'll sure burn more fuel. Power buttons do one of or both of (depending on the vehicle) the following:

1) Lock out overdrive on the transmission thereby increasing rpms at cruising speed- useful when towing a heavy load. Overdrive is typically the weakest clutch pack in the transmission, so it is beneficial to drive in 3rd/direct. Locking out overdrive also reduces hunting / busyness between 3rd and OD limiting wear in the above situation

2) Tell the transmission to follow a more agressive shift pattern, holding shifts through higher rpm ranges - that's your feeling of "power". Holding shifts through higher rpms make more effective use of your engine's torque and horsepower.

Both of the above come with a significant fuel penalty.

Power buttons do not: increase available power or torque, they allow you to make "better" use of what's there.
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I agree.

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