Why can't we add in-line filter to AC, suction side


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Why can't we add in-line filter to AC, suction side

It makes more sense to install the filter on the suction side than the recommended liquid side. Doing so would keep the crap out of the compressor, so why can't this be done???
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Type of car? System? What problems are you having?
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because of the high pressure
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Again, type of car???? Engine size???

High pressure? Do you mean high low side pressure, high high-side pressure, or both?

We can't provide much help if you don't give us anything to work with.
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Thumbs up Suction line filter/drier.

In commercial refrigeration and airconditioning, suction line filter/ driers are quite common.
They are used mostly when there are problems in a system where contamination could cause problems with the compressor. In fact most commercial compressor mfrs. require one for replacement compressors where there has been a major failure in the system.
You still must have one in the liquid line because moisture removal is most efficient when liquid refrigerant is being filtered. Refrigerant in the suction line is in a vapour state where moisture will not be readily be removed.
Your idea is right on if you can find a filter large enough to not restrict refrigerant flow.

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