96 Blazer A/C Repair


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Exclamation 96 Blazer A/C Repair

I have a 96 LT Blazer with R134a refrigerant. The A/C stopped working and I took it in to get looked at. They told me that it needed a new A/C compressor b/c the old one had a leak in the seam. The estimate was $900 to get it fixed. That included recharging the A/C. Does that seem high with a $66/hr labor rate? Also, I have the new part (compressor) needed but I don't see it when I open the hood. Is the part located within the back panel of the engine where it says to "cut here for service"?!?! If so, how did they know the compressor was bad? If not, where is it located? I want to make sure that what I got is correct. I noticed on another thread that www.autolibrary.org was mentioned - do they have engine schematics at that site?
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900 seems a bit high for the job. More likely to be in the 600 range.

Autolibrary.org is pretty generic. See the links in my signature file below for better options.
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im sure that estimate included replacing the drier, orfice tube, and maybe even flushing the sytem. the a/c compressor is driven by your drive belt and should be somewhere on the front of the engine follow your lines from coming from the back panel that says cut here one of the hoses/lines should go straight to the a/c compressor.
call around to different shops and get some more estimates im sure you will find a more reasonable price, cause it doesn't sound like you really have a clue to what you are about to do and may want to have it done at a shop.
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96 Blazer A/C

No question I will get it done professionally. I just want to make sure I have the correct part and it was reasonably priced. I don't have the expertise in this area.....Thanks.
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When you say "Do I have the right part" do you mean did you buy the right compressor? Where did you buy it?

Some shops will not install customer supplied parts like that. They want to make the money on the part and the labor, so make sure you tell the shop you have the part. They also will not likely warranty anything because if the compressor is defective, they will charge you twice to do the job.

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