anyway to make a body kit?


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anyway to make a body kit?

I want to know if i would be able to make my own body kit well my friend got a 87 camaro and i want to know if it is even possible and if so can i get some pointers
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Yes it is possible. But it's not at all practical or desirable.

You'll have thousands of $$ and more thousands of hours invested in it by the time you're done, and the finished product might not even look very good.

There are loads of aftermarket body parts & kits available for the 3rd generation F-bodies. It would be MUCH cheaper and FAR easier to buy a pre-made kit & install it than it would to build your own.

Why do you want to a body kit in the 1st place? The end result usually looks far worse than anything GM ever turned out.
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Body kits look cheap, hokey and stupid on an F body car.

As Knuckles said, the quality is terrible. They also fall off after time and get scraped up.

The F body is LOW as it is with the FACTORY flares, even lower with aftermarket body kits. Not only that, many kits make you drill into the body, inviting rust and paint problems.

Leave it be. My .02

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