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transfer case

I'm trying to help my sister-in-law out and I'm not sure what I'm up against. The truck is a 4wd, 1987 Ford F150, standard shift, long bed. After shifting the transfer case into whichever gear, you lock the hubs in manually.

Problem: shaking which feels like it's coming from the front end. Jeff (brother-in-law) changed out the very rear shaft u-joints (made sure that he marked before removal, etc.), but the front shaft u-joint need replacing. This truck is so long that it has 3 shafts-one before transfer case, my truck only has the two. Both require 5 u-joints.

Question #1. Would the front shaft joints cause this vibration if they are simply dirty? There are no places to grease them. We're assuming that we need to replace them.

Question #2: When checking to see if the transfer case fluid was up to level I noticed that the level check bolt was striped out. The drain bolt is fine, but unless we lean the truck to the side, kind of pointless to check it that way. It is the kind that you put a ratchet in to turn. I know that it needs to be replaced, but how do I get it out. Neither of us have much money, so we were trying to do this ourselves. Also, while checking under the truck, I noticed on the transf case an enclosed (appears to be) hole with markings around it. Maybe some type tool fits in there. The marking included directional arrows around the hole with 4hi, 4low, etc. Does the transfer case have to manually changed there as well as in the cab and locked in at the hubs, or are these references for servicing the transfer case in relation to the tcase shift inside the cab?

Thanks for any help!

Kay Byrd
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I suggest picking up a service manual for the truck. There are different transfer cases (Dana, New Process, etc) used in a given year and service procedures vary for each.

Sounds like bad U joints. How's the front end? Tires? Rims? Have the tires been swapped from front to back? Any changes?

Sounds like someone indeed stripped the bolt. Might be able to drill it out and retap it with a new thread. Or, find a rubber plug/cap as used in some cases with oil drain plugs that are stripped.

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