88 Escort intermittent total loss of power


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88 Escort intermittent total loss of power

I have checked the archives and only found two that were close but did not match, so I am posing the question here.

1988 Ford Escort
205,000 miles
CFI (Central Fuel Injected)
Man Trans

My Escort loses total power intermittently. The Tach goes from 2700 to 0 instantly; and then with just enough time to press in the clutch and coast over a lane or two, if I turn the key, it starts right back up as if nothing was wrong. Sometimes power is regained in less time then it takes to press in the clutch. I have noticed that it is progressively getting worse. (It does appear to be after the car comes up to temp.) The problem shows up while driving as well as sitting at idle.

Back in November 2001 when this started, I thought it was just in need of a tune up. So I changed out the plugs, wires, cap, and rotor (Pep Boys). In addition I changed out all filters: Air, oil, PCV, and fuel (Motorcraft). This did not correct the power loss.

I then changed out the Distributor, Stator, and TFI (Pep Boys). Still, no change. At the instruction of a friend, I changed out the fuel injector (Holley). This fixed it.

The car ran great for about 6 months getting around 34mpg. Then the intermittent total power loss came back while driving down the fwy.

That following weekend, I changed out the fuel injector and the car ran great for another couple of days. Now the problem is back.

I think something is taking out my fuel injector; at $100 a pop, I want it to stop! Please help.
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Ever do an output check on the alternator? It will do funny things when the charging is low.

Also check the connector on the injector. They get weak and fatigued over time.
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'88 Escort

The alt is relatively new aprox 12 to 18 months. But I can check it anyway.

The injector clip is a locking type. Are you referring to the internal metal connector of this clip? The clip does not look like it can be replaced; how would I tighten it? Or do you have to cut the wires and solder in a new clip?

Thanks for such a quick response.
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Parts stores sell replacement pigtails that sometimes the OE does not.

Yes, you splice in a new one. Worth a look at the connector first.

I also remember Ford superseding the part that was originally used in these applications to something else.

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