Van won't stay cranked


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Angry Van won't stay cranked

I have a 1997 Dodge Ram Van Sport Series (automatic transmission, V-6). Darn thing was working fine yesterday. Got in it this morning and it turns over but dies immediately. It won't stay cranked! It has half a tank of fuel, so I know it is not out of gas. Other than that I have no idea what to check.
Any ideas?
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Take a look at my signature file below for some ideas.

Might have a bad fuel pump/ASD (Auto Shut Down) relay.
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John Dalrymple
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The first place I would look is fuel pressure. A bad fuel pump would do just what you are discribing.
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Are you saying it will start and run up every time, but die out as soon as you release the key?
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Not real sure about the ignition system on this vehicle, but, if it has one, it sounds just like the ballast resistor is open circuit. It's - usually - a white ceramic block, about 1/2'' square and 3'' long. somewhere near the coil usually. Starter circuit shorts it out during cranking - for extra voltage to coil, fatter spark etc. Then its in circuit for normal running, to give correct primary volts to the coil.
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Yes, if that's the symptoms you have, I'd take a look there-

If it's something that starts up initally, and runs for a short time before dying out, it tends to point more towards the fuel pump relay circuit.
Generally, if something's awry and the circuit doesn't detect the engine running, it should time out and cut off power to the fuel pump, for safety purposes.
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Thanks for all of the responses. I had it towed to a local shop. They'll get to it eventually I hope.

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