97 blazer stalls


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Jeffrey Gross
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Question 97 blazer stalls

I own a 97 chevy blazer v6 auto (le).
Sometimes the car will start and drive fine. Other times I can start it and after letting it idle for a minute or two it will just turn off
with out touching the gas or putting it in gear. Other times I
can start idle and drive for 10 minutes to 30 minutes at freeway
speeds or stop and go traffic without a glitch or the car can shut off at 60MPH or slowing down for a traffic light. This started to
happen after I replaced the thermostat . In doing so I had to
remove a bracket that holds part of the throttle cable. I've already
replaced the gas filter and cap & rotor, and disconnected the alarm due to the fact that when the car shuts off my power locks
will open then close then open again if I just let It sit for a minute after It shuts off. Weird HUH! Any ADVICE OR HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!
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Check the EGR valve for carbonization of the pintle. It is a common problem. If the EGR valve sticks, the truck will stall out.

Clean and/or replace it.
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I would first recheck your work and see if you knocked a ground wire loose,since it started doing this after the thermostat change.A loose ground would explain the locks cycling and your vehicle shutting down at any mode of operation.The next thing I would do is have someone check the vehicle for transmission codes.The reason for this is I have seen numerous ignition switch failures caused by remote starts and aftermarket alarms which,usually will set 5 transmission codes.Let us know how it goes.

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