87 Toyota 4Runner Everything is dead


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87 Toyota 4Runner Everything is dead

My 87 Toyota 4 Runner keeps quiting on me,and when it does everything is dead.The lights, radio clock.It's as if someone took the battery off the truck!Not even a click from the starter.The engine is the 22R-E 4 cylinder.My "Check engine" light comes on every few days, but it goes out after about one minute. Yesterday I was driving down a rough road and I turned on my headlights and it tried to quit.It cut out for a split second and then run fine.However a couple of miles later it died.The lights went out and it just lost all power.Do you think this could be a ground problem?My Haynes repair manual says if several components fail all at once, chances are it is in a ground wire somewhere.It's done this a couple of times before, but it would never quit completly.It would just just loose power for a slit second and my clock would loose it's memory, but it would keep on running.This time it would not start back until tonight. Any ideas on where to look would greatly be appreciated!! Oh,I forgot to mention it is a manual transmission. Thanks
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First of all, if you haven't already, disconnect your battery and clean the cable ends and battery terminals thoroughly, then reconnect tightly. If you still have trouble, trace your power and ground cables to the end. Tighten them, and make sure they have clean connections. This should take care of the problem, but if it continues, post back and let us know.
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The truck started this morning.I,ve already cleaned the battery cable ends and checked the connections at the starter and ground cable.I took the alternator off and took it to Autozone.They tested it while I as watching.It tested bad.The machine showed 14 amps but when he pushed the "load" button it went to 0 and the defective light come on.He said that it was "sticking" The other night when it died, I had just turned the lights on when it cut out just for a second but then kept on running for another couple of miles tnen it died.It has also cut out like that when I run my wipers.What really puzzles me is it doesn't do this all the time. sometimes I can drive for a week or so, at day or night, rain or shine and everything is just fine.Is it possible for an alternator to act this way?
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It may have an intermittent short inside. If it tests bad on the load tester it's probably bad.

That being said, a Toyota rebuilt (from the dealer) is the best quality rebuilt with the most updated parts.
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Battery was cracked

My battery was cracked.I beleive that caused my alternator to go bad.I bought a new battery and alternator.I think that was my problem all along.Thanks for taking your time to help me!

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