1993 Devile blinker/headlight problem


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Question 1993 Devile blinker/headlight problem

1993 Cadillac Deville
4.9L V8
100,000 miles


My Deville headlights system has the twilight sensor control which will autmatically turn lights on when it gets dark enough. It also has a control which allows the headlights to remain on for a period of time after the engine is turned off.

Several weeks ago, my headlights started shutting off by themselves while driving down the road at night. I am able to rectify this by simple turning the headlights on manually.

Shortly thereafter, my turn signals quit working altogether. After several days of inactivity, they suddenly began to work again. This has continued for some time now......a few days of not working and then suddenly working again. However, when they do come back on...they seem do have somewhat of a "drag" in the blink sequence.

While investigating further, I have found that when I turn the engine to auxillary, and then activate the turn signal; that shortly after turning the signal off......there is a strange sound that comes from a mechanical unit in the engine dept. It makes a sound like a small motor running, then a hissing sound like escaping steam.
I don't know what this unit is or if it even is related to my blinker and/or headlight problem.

any comments on either blinker/headlight problem or info on identifying the mechanical unit in question would be greatly appreciated.

I would like to be able to identify this particular mechanical unit in question as well. Does anyone know of an online engine schematic that I could view to help me identify????

Thanks for your help in this matter
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Try www.autolibrary.org for some schematic type details.

Turn signals: Do the hazard flashers work OK? If they do, likely a bad turn signal flasher...about a 5 dollar part. If both the turn signals and hazards don't work right, could be a bad turn signal switch in the column or a wiring problem. Also make sure all the bulbs are good, the correct part # and installed correctly!

As for the headlights, make sure nothing is blocking the photocell. That is the sensor that turns the automatic headlights on and off depending on light intensity. On many cars it's on the middle top of the dashboard.

Another possibility (and a likely one) is a bad headlight switch.

The hissing noise is probably the automatic level ride/air shock system purging air to level the vehicle. Cycling of this periodically is normal, too often either you have too large a load in the car or there is a leak in the system.

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