coolent leak


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coolent leak

This message is directed to Joe F. (AKA JOE COOL).
My Question was not size engines were in that particular year Chevelle.I was perfecly clear that the leak was origanating from a bolt hole. If the bolt hole was the size of a freeze out plug (which is located on the heads not the block) it would a very large bolt to fill that hole. The fact that car is 30+ years old may explain why there is in fact a 267 CI. engine in it. After reading your sugestion I was able to find the correct ansewer else where. You may want yo wright this down in your A.S.E. hand book. The hole in which this leak was coming from was in fact a motor mounting bolt hole. This hole and the other 3 holes was part of GM"s origanal casting on a V-8 block in the 50"S which used steel strap type motor mounts located at the front of the engine. When this type of motor mount was disscontinued the one upper hole on the passenger side was closed of with the instlation of a BOLT and a copper washer because the hole passes directly thru the block behind the fuel pump. This bolt is often removed during the replacment of a fuel pump when a longer one is installed to hold up the the pump arm. It is then removed and the origanal one reinstalled.
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If the engine is not original, it helps to know that. Chevy small blocks are swapped into other year Chevy cars as well as other things. Some year small blocks have problems (such as the 1979 and 1980 267, 305 and 350 engines with soft cams), so knowing what we are dealing with is always a help. There ARE various differences between the years.

Remember you are at the machine and are our eyes and ears. Figure that we are miles and miles away and have to take what you tell us as fact so we can try to visualize the problem, repeat it in our mind and then offer a solution.

That being said, a 267 wouldn't be factory equipment in that year Chevelle as mentioned before. A 307 or a 350 would be the likely V8 choices in those years. Knowing this might set off an idea in someone's mind. Remember, no detail too small.

A 267, which is a 4.4 liter used from 1979 to 1982, is also a Chevy small block V8. Not sure if it has those same type of mounts you describe below.
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coolant leak

First of all it was not a strap type mount,I know because Ive owed 2 1957 chevies.thet more resembled a sway bar end link.Second if you have coolant coming from the hole you just described,your in deep doodoo my friend because that hole goes to part of the engine oiling system.Do you think they lubricate the fuel pump pushrod with coolant?Well I can tell you they do not,they use oil.So if you have coolant at that bolt hole,I would check your oil real soon.

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