Starter Bendix


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Starter Bendix

Ive got a old dodge truck and think the bendix is slipping or ever what a bendix does. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction on changing the bendix on a starter. You can hear the starter spin but it does not always turn the motor over but if keep trying it will soon turn over, someone told me it was the bendix. Thanks for any information.
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It is likely more cost effective just to change the starter with a rebuilt. You can rebuild them yourself, but it's a bit tricky for the first time DIY'er.

I suggest a rebuilt. Any parts store will have it in stock.
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Smile Your Bendix?

Your Bendix is the gear that contacts the fly wheel/ flex plate large ring gear. It is hooked to the solinoid, whos job it is to energize the starter moter and move the bendix foward into the ring gear to turn the engine over.

The bendix has a clutch so that the small bendix gear will not strip the teath off the large ring gear. So roll this around in your head. Think about what is happening, and just know that it can only be one of two parts, the solinoid or the bendix. Also if you get it right, and just replace that one part. The other two parts will not have long to go. So this is why we rebuild the Motor & replace the solinoid & bendix in order to have the starter last a long time. That part came from working on them for over 3 decades, just good advice.

I think the Starter is very easy to rebuild & the parts are next to nothing. I just pay a little under $6.00 for the bushings & brushes for the motor. $5.00 for an armature check & cut, $15.00 for a quality rebuilt solinoid with no plastic inner liner (A trick some shysters use) $8.00 for a new bendix. This is more than those lifetime guarntee Discount Auto Parts Houses will sell them for. But hey you get new parts, not half worn out ones.

1. Replace the front and rear babit bushings, replace all 4 brushes. Take the outer case & spray out all the brush dust with the big cans of elictric moter cleaner.
2. Take the armature to a shop that builds Starters & Alternators have them cut or check the part that the brushes ride on. Buy a rebuilt or new solinoid & a new bendix.
3. Reassemble all 3 systems & instead of having a half rebuilt starter, your rebuild will last many years.

Just a side note: I went to No names a large discount Auto parts chain to get a Point type distributor body. As I took it apart I found that the brushes were still good with only 50 percent worn away. The main shaft had been knurled so the worn out bushings would be tight again. The drive gear was used but good & the rool pin was reused.

Now remember that all I needed wat the bare body of this distributor, just what if I used this $20.00 POS in my car & had to drive this timebomb.

Just like learning to build modern Computers and fix them was hard for me to lear at 49 I did it because there is no one who will build or fix my Computer better than I.

After you rebuild your starter you wont believe how easy tour Alternator is to rebuild.

If you must buy a rebuilt starter or alternator please look up the pros in the PH book. There are shops all over, who do nothing but rebuild Starters, Alternators, & Generators. Don't ever use the trash that you find at the big discount Auto parts stores. In the long run you may save more than money.

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