disk brakes


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disk brakes

Recently I replaced the pads on my Mazda 626 without having the rotors turned. They started sqealing a little at low speed and sometimes when almost at a stop they would growl just a little almost like they would try to stick. Had the rotors turned and the same pads put back on. My question is, will these pads seat right or will they wear grooves in the newly turned rotors? The guy that turned the rotors said they were in pretty good shape before the turning.
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Should always rough up the rotors (cutting them or at least sanding them with the die grinder) so the new pads "bite in".
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If you used aftermarket pads on your car you will get noise,grinding and or squealing.Turning the rotors may help but is most likely temporary.When you get new brakes they require a burnish period,when people (test the brake job by a hard stop)they bring all the binders for the lining to the surface,which is irreversible.Did you remove the powder coat from the pads?The powder coat will get hot and act like a wear sensor.If you did not take the pads back off remove it and they should be fine.Joe is correct new semimetallic brake pads require a non directional finish to properly seat or(break in) P.S. the noise wont hurt a thing,because what you are hearing is brake vibration.
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Whenever I've used pads from Autozone (raybestos) I get squeaking no matter if I 'turn' the rotors or apply that anit-vibration cream to the back of the pads. I've finally started buying the top of the line Bendix pads from Advance Auto parts and I don't get the squeaking. That's been my experience.
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Depends on the application. I've used Raybestos with no problems at all. I find them to be a good quality product.

You have to use the PG grade or better. I have PG's on the 84 Olds, no problem. I've also used them on other cars in the family too.

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