LeSabre starting problems


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Neptune Machine Control Problem

Hi. New to the forum so feeling my way. Have a Neptune MAH3000AWW that went south yesterday. This machine is 3-years old, and has had the door seal update as well as a new Machine Control board and water valve done in September last year.

Yesterday, the timer developed a life of its own. The cycle speeded up so that the entire cycle went through in about 3 minutes. Never stopped long enough to let a function complete. Went it got to OFF, it just kept on trucking into the delay cycle with more water, etc. Around and around it continued until we pulled the plug.

Trying to analyze this, I know the timer is just a dumb switch. No electronic intelligence. So if the timer motor continues to run without stopping my conclusion is that there is something wrong with the Machine Control board. Close examination under a magnifier does not disclose any burned components or signs of over-heating. All solder joints look good. Is there anything else that could cause this condition? Does the infamous Wax Motor have any to do with it? Thanks for any input.
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LeSabre starting problems

My 1994 Buick LeSabre, 3.6L V6, 170K miles, occassionally won't start. Everything else works, but the starter doesn't turn over. Not even a click. It doesn't seem to matter whether the engine is warm or cold. Jump starting also fails to make any difference.

When the problem started, an automotive electrician friend mentioned that side post battery terminals on these cars often need to be loosened and retightened when the car behaves this way. For quite a while, I performed this ritual when the car wouldn't start. It usually worked. And eventually, even if it was just due to waiting time. the car would finally start. The problem would occur only every few days or so.

I replaced the battery and the side post terminal bolts. For a while, the car started fine. But nowwhen it refuses to start, a dash light reading "SECURITY" comes on. I have noticed that when the light goes off is when the car can be started, and it works imediately.

It doesn't happen as often now, but it seems to be more a matter of waiting for something to change when it won't start. Once that light goes off, she starts right up.

What is wrong with this car?
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If the car has a security light and when that comes on you can't start it, the problem is likely there. Get a schematic for the system and a diagnostic chart.

Check the links below for some ideas.
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NOVASS,the next time it happens try moving your tilt wheel up or down and see if it starts.If it does the pass key lock cylinder most likely has a broken wire and will need replaced.Its a fairly common problem.
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Also check your battery connections closely for damage and looseness. Might have corrosion on them.

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