G.M. passkey


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Kenneth Lewis
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G.M. passkey

Has anyone discovered a way to disable the G.M. pass key. No one is likely to steal my 1991 Olds 98 and I have repeatedly had problems with it. Now, the dealer says it will cost over $1000 to install a new ignition switch (!) There must be a simple way to return to an ordinary ignition switch. Or disable the key system. Manuals have a dearth of information on the key system. I know it's the "orange wire," but then what?
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I believe you can solder in a resistor of the correct value and bypass it completely.

Usually it's a bad key (dirty contacts) or a bad VATs module...surely not a grand to fix!
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Joe is right you could possibly solder a resistor in place,but you will only bypass the key function.The wires that come down the column are white by the way,at least on all the ones Ive fixed.You would need to measure the resistance of your key(if it is ok)with a good digital multimeter,touching the leads together and adjusting for the resistance in your leads,you may be able to go to an electronics store and find the right one or combination of more than one.You can not completly bypass the system because the engine computer is looking for signals from the system to enable your car to start.Question are they trying to sell you an ignition switch or a lock cylinder?Doesnt matter I guess you could probably replace your entire column for a grand.
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You can completely bypass the PASSKEY system with a small signal generator. Check w/ Jeg's or one of the street rod suppliers for price. Or if you're so inclined, build one yourselft using the directions found here.

The 'net is loaded with info on bypassing this system. Type "VATS+PASSKEY+bypass" w/o quotes in to any search engine & you'll get more info than you could possibly use.

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