Major car problem! HELP!!!!!!


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Unhappy Major car problem! HELP!!!!!!

Hello and I thank you for your input ahead of time. Here's my dilema:

Car: 88' Chevy Corsica V6 2.8L, air cond.---- 136,000 mi.

Problem: When driving for a while and the car gets hot (normal hot), the car begins to sputter and trys to stall only during deceleration. So I put it into Neutral and the engine runs fine and I come to a stop. When I put it in drive, it completely stalls. I put it in Park or Neutal and it starts back up, put it in Drive, it stalls.

I do notice a very light intermittant vibration (like a miss) in the engine while in Park or in Drive with the brake on. The RPM's barely, barely move and there is no Check Engine Light on when this problem happens.

I need help please, any and all info would be great or you can e-mail me if you have a question.

Thanks a lot,
Upstate NY

[email protected]
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Does it feel like a manual transmission bucking if you leave it in drive coming to a stop?If so you likely have a torque converter clutch solenoid problem.The wire plugs in the transmission near the front of your car.Stand at the drivers side and look at your transmission,should be a square 4 wire connector near the upper part of the transmission, disconnect it see if it helps,some times the solenoid is so bad it will still do the same thing if so you have to replace it.Let me know if this is your symptom.
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Yes it acts exactly like that. I will try what you suggested. Will disconnecting that wire fix the problem? I did notice that that plug was covered in fresh oil. If I cleaned that off would that help? Also would it help to manually shift into 2nd then to 1st when coming to a stop temparaily until I can get it fixed?

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136,000 miles.

It also sound like a vaccum leak or leaks. At 100,000 miles I replaced every ruber vaccum hose from and to my engine a 1981 Bonnie. This cured a lot of little spooks.

Remember just because it dies when you put it in gear it may not have anything to do with the transmission. The transmission will, if put into gear when you have water in your fuel will kill the engine just from the extra drag.

With a high milage car it is possable that it could be some over looked part of your maintenance. Ingnition, vac hoses, spark plugs, fuel filters, transmission modulator valve, water in fuel, etc.

How long ago was the last major tune up? Have the vaccum hoses been replaced? When was a compression test done on all cylinders? Did this just start out of the blue?

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it does sound like a torque convertor clutch staying engaged cleaning the oil off the plug will not likely help anything it is a common gm problem that happens far to often in my opinion.
manually shifting the car will not make any difference but. disconnecting the plug in will usually prevent the car from stalling until you have the problem repaired at a transmission shop so if it quits stalling after disconnecting the plug in you should see about having it repaired when it is convenient for you to do so.
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I agree with Davo. On some cars it can stay'll just notice a drop in fuel economy because the converter is not locking up as it should.

Try it and let us know what you find.
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I had the same problem on my 1993 Chevy Lumina. It was a solenoid in the transmission as Davo explained. I had it fixed at a transmission shop, cost was $210. You can leave it unplugged but that will generally cause further problems in the future.

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