Joe ? on freeze plugs


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Joe ? on freeze plugs

Joe you have talked about some plugs that expand when you tighten them that can go over the old ones. Are these the same
ones that the parts store says are for temporary fix only? They are made of rubber! I called 3 stores thats all they have. Would sealant on these rubber ones help last longer?
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If you use rubber ones do not use any sealer they will slip out.I suggest using the oe type.I have not had good results with any screw to install type Ive seen.By the way so you know,they are not freeze plugs as nicknamed they are core plugs and the only intent for them is to remove the sand after casting the head or the block,they close the machined hole.They do not offer freeze protection as very many people think.
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These are metal and rubber and Motormite/Dorman/Help (these are all part of a company called R&B in Colmar, PA) make them. They have an acorn shaped nut on them with a rubber core. They expand as you tighten the acorn nut.

Supposedly they can go over the old ones and not leak .

As I recall, they come in a black bubble pack display package.

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