Black smoke returns


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Black smoke returns

Hi Joe,
I should have knocked on wood when I bragged that the car was fixed.It lasted a whole 12 miles. Drove 6 miles,the car set for 10 hours,then drove 6 miles back.On the way,black smoke comes back and the car is missing also.The timing hadn't been set yet like I thought,so that may be the reason it was missing.The pcv hose was bad, so replaced it and also replaced the pcv.No change.I started flooring the gas pedal(with it in the driveway) hoping I could blow it out. I did this several times and black smoke was the result.The engine got so hot that it was steaming.Here is my question.Do you think that this car is on it's last leg?You already know the reputation of the Dodge Aries(((((LEMON'S))))) and it has high mileage...147,000.Last July Firestone replaced the air filter and fuel filter and told me that the car was wore out.I don't know if I should keep putting money in it,but how can I sell it in the shape that it's in?I am just sick over it
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147k on a "K" car is borrowed time, but if you cannot afford much else, then you'll have to stick with this "Nice Reliant Automobile".

You keep alluding to the timing being a problem. Is it? Who said it's out of time?

If it worked for a few days, you might have a bad MAP sensor again (defective part). Obviously putting the new sensor fixed it for a while. Make sure the vacuum hose didn't come off, the plug came out or other problems with it. Take it back to the parts store and have them test it. Where did you buy the part and what brand is it?

Have the friend that fixed the MAP sensor for you put a timing light on the car. Tell us if the timing marks jump around a lot. If they do with the light hooked up, there is likely a timing issue. Make sure the distributor hold down bolt is tight. It might have a wiped out camshaft which will affect valve timing, but something doesn't seem right and it seems like a simple thing here.

Again, if the new sensor stopped the smoke, it is likely that something is still amiss there.
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PEANUT ,check your engine vacuum,should be 15-20 inches hg,then check it at your map sensor.It should be the same.Also I think the MAP hose on those cars was prone to breaking,and part of it was plastic so check it close.If the vacuum is different either the hose is bad or you have a plugged vacuum port where it connects.If your vacuum is low your valve timing could be off,your ignition timing retarded or you have a major vacuum leak that you should be able to hear.One more thing in the 1980 s those cars were recalled for bad TBI injectors causing the same problem.
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how old is the oxygen sensor? have seen alot of 2.2 and 2.5 blow black smoke with old 02 sensor.
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RE:Black Smoke

I finally made it back!Thank you Joe,davo and rickwhoo for your last replies.Ok the car is now at Pepboy's.Well it wouldn't start so I had to call a tow truck to take it to Pepboy's. After doing a diagnostic,besides a bad battery,they said that it is the tension adjustor(I believe is what they called it),it holds the timing belt in place?They said that the mechanic who replaced the timing belt should have known.Do you agree?
This time I'm out $460.95 (I need to find a job!)Oh but my little precious is worth every penny...(((((NOT)))))...
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You did mention the timing being an issue, so it lead us to believe it was an issue.

Yes it should have been caught by the guy doing the timing belt.

Go back to him, show him the bill from Pep Boys and ask for some money from the first repair back. It sure should have been caught when he did the timing belt!

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