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george sylveste
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Post a/c repair

the clutch on my a/c does not engage when i turn the a/c on. i have a 1995 chevy. apv van last year i had it all checked by the garage and recharged at a cost of $150.00 dollars. any idea about what might be wrong.
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$150 for an a/c service? That's pretty steep.

Several possibilities, but try these first:

1. Fuse; check all fuses.
2. Clutch itself or wiring to it. One way to check the clutch itself is to locate the wire coming from the compressor (there may be two; one will run to ground) and disconnect it. With engine off apply 12v to the wire running to the clutch (not the ground wire). Clutch should engage.
3. Fan switch; this gets a little more involved. My '94 GM product the fan switch is a little worn/cruddy and I sometimes have to wiggle the switch for the clutch to get power and engage. Your switch may need cleaning/replacement.
3. Low system charge; not sure if your particular vehicle has any safety features to prevent operation with low charge.

One of the pro's should be along for more insight; check back.
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george sylveste:
If they did not locate and repair ALL the leaks in your system last year you may have lost your refrigerant charge.
I am not familiar with your vehicle but there should be a refrigerant pressure switch somewhere near the heater area. The plug can be removed and wires shorted with something like a paperclip. If the compressor starts it is likely low on refrigerant.
A plugged line could also cause the same symptom and is the reason you should seek qualified help.
Also if you try this test make sure it is the pressure switch connector you are shorting or you could then have two problems to fix.
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Must be auto a/c day at diy.com, greg. lol.
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I agree with both of these guys.

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