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Thumbs up Jow F in the News

Hi all,

Wait for's a biggie

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Good post, jeff.

Joe, next time stand BEHIND the car so you don't spoil the view! LOL
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Cmon TowGuy,

It's ME that accentuates the car's beautiful lines. Lol.

Since they couldn't find a pretty young lady to model the car, they felt the owner was just as handsome .

The guy that wrote the article actually worked with my uncle in the City of New York in the 80's!
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Originally posted by the_tow_guy

Joe, next time stand BEHIND the car so you don't spoil the view! LOL

This any better tow_guy???

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Very funny you two. Lol. You left out the best
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Just found this.

Since they couldn't find a pretty young lady to model the car

I don't know, Joe. If her pic in the artitcle is any indication of the complete package, the lady in the pic in that article could sit on my car anytime! She is easy on the eyes!
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Yea, she is a pretty lady. Too bad Tom was the one that came to do the article. LOL.

Turns out he was my uncle's coworker in the city for 25 years!

Incidentally, the model chosen by GM to model the car in '79 was a black haired woman .
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My hat is off to you Joe.. You've got a beautiful car there!! And the time and attention you've put in is fantastic!! How long have you been working on this car?
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I have three Trans Ams.

I have that 1979 10th Anniversary edition which is one of 1,817 made with a Pontiac 400 and a 4-speed---very rare car. Numbers matching and all there.

Needs details and an interior. Working on both. I am like the 6th owner of it. I bought it in 1999 as a present to myself for finishing graduate school early (before I turned 30) and with a nearly perfect grade point average. Numbers matching car. Really turns some heads. 57,000 original miles. I have located and spoke to every owner it has had since 1979 including the original owner who was very helpful in tracking down information about the car. The third owner was a Trans Am specialty dealer in Shenandoah Valley VA and is an 84 year old man. He was intrigued that I had contacted him since he sold the car in 1989. My persistence paid off, he mailed me a fat envelope with paperwork he still had on the car 10 years after the fact. Nice, polite, old southern gentleman. I talk to him periodically to update him on the progress of the vehicle. I'm the Technical Director of an Internet site for these vehicles.

I have a 1980 Carousel Red (read: orange) Turbo Trans Am which my parents bought new in NJ in 1980. It was a 15th anniversary gift from my dad to my mom that year. It has 27,000 original miles on it. A real headturner, I wouldn't sell this car for the world. My dad died in 1988 and he loved this car. It's like part of our family. I was nine in 1980 when we bought it.

The 3rd Trans Am is a 1980 Turbo (originally) T/A which now has a 1977 LeMans 400. This car is a demon on four wheels. Flowmasters, Headers, Holley Street Dominator intake, Edelbrock carb, loud, violent, and mean sounding. Has a 1977/78 front end on it. WS6 car, T-top, fairly loaded, originally a Z49 Canadian spec car. The dealer that sold it in Canada was very nice and helpful, although they purged the records for it years ago.

I will probably chop this latter one up for parts down the road and replace it with another S/E car or 10th Anniversary of some sort.

Thanks for all the kind words. The '79 and orange '80 will be featured in "The History of the Firebird" by Marc Cranswick of Veloce Publications---the book is due out this fall.

Regards and thanks again ,

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