? about timing adjustment


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Question ? about timing adjustment


In another post ("pinging and knocking") the poster had an '86 Fort Taurus, 3.0L, 6 cyl, 155K mi. You told him that the timing isn't adjusted on newer cars anymore. My car is an '89 T/A, 5.0L, 8 cyl, MPFI, 57700 mi. It had a little pinging, and in the last 7 months the timing has been adjusted 2 times. Is there some differecnce between my car and the other that I should be needing an adjustment and not the other guy?

On a related note, the shop said their refrence data said my timing should be adjusted to 10 deg., but the sticker on the hood said 6 deg. They went by the hood sticker. It runs better now, but I'm not sure 100% of the pinging is gone. Did they make the right adjustment?
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If you need to adjust your timing, you have to ask yourself why.

If base timing needs to be adjusted it's because you did a timing chain and the timing's out. It's not like an old time car where you "bump" the timing for this or that.

Stock applications since about 1981 (when computers came on board) have had the computer control the timing. Setting timing on them is generally futile because the computer does the adjusting. You only set base timing when you do a timing chain job.

Changing timing around (even base timing) is generally indicative of a problem elsewhere. In the Taurus, it has 155k on an ORIGINAL timing chain. Likely to be slack there.

On a computer controlled car, you bypass the computer (typically grounding out the connector) to set base timing. Otherwise, moving the distributor with the computer in the picture is futile.

Always start with the stock timing spec and go from there.

I believe yours is around the 70k mark? GM timing sets have nylon gears which give up hope around that time. It could be why you have to adjust your timing.

The original set in my 79 Trans Am is going to need to be changed..57k on it. Steel timing chain/gear set replacements last a lot longer.
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Thanks for the explanation. I'll ask my shop why they keep adjusting the timing instead of doing something else about my pinging. Jim.

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