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Anything i should know before taking mine apart?

The solenoid is working, but it's not turning. My battery is at 12.5 V and the alternator belt is nice and tight. Everything electrical other than the starter motor is working, so i'm pretty sure this is it. I push-started my car with no problem and got home ( 15km ) with no troubles whatsoever.

Could the motor simply be jammed by crap?? I dont think it's been taken apart in recent years, so it just might be incrusted. Any way to find out??


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Unless you do a complete job on a starter rebuild, it's worth it to buy a Bosch reman starter for it and replace the whole thing.

More cost effective, less time consuming and better off.

Starters can be a bit tricky to rebuild correctly. Likely other parts are worn besides the solenoid.

Most OEM shop manuals have good instructions on rebuilding starters, but it's a rare art these days (yes, I do my own...).

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