low oil light


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low oil light

95 monte carlo, 155,000 miles 3.1L engine
just change the oil, 2 days later light came on, i have to add 1 quart every 2 weeks, dont know where it goes , no smoke, no leak? Anyway, I thought this way way to soon to add so i added a little and checked to level and I am full, and the light stays on.

Is the sensor a electrical or mechanical device?
Do they get faulty with age and dirt?
Is it replaceable by me, without tearing the engine apart?

Thank you
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I'm not a great auto mechanic, but I sure wish every car I ever had DID have a low oil warning light. Your light is probably low oil pressure.
I'll let one of the pros 'fix' your problem.

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If it's not leaking and you're sure it's not burning it, I would do an oil pressure check with a reliable hand held gauge and compare the oil pressure to the spec in the service manual.

When the light comes on either the oil is low or there is a pressure problem.

You're up there in mileage, so oil pressure problems wouldn't be out of the norm.
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Quart every two weeks, not burning it, not leaking it? That is not possible!! It is going somewhere!! 3.1's all develop an oil leak from the distributor block off. Look at the top of the block under the intake manifold where the air intake connects to it. You will most likely see oil on top of the block running down the back onto the trans axle. I have fixed several 3.1's. I posted awhile back on a different trend on how to fix this--if this is where it is leaking post back and I'll walk you through it. Also, on engines with higher miles I always run sae30 oil to keep the pressure up.
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Thanks everyone for the quick reply.

Tell you the truth I never even thought about the pressure, I automatically thought it was the level of the oil.
I bet it has something to do with last summer I had a leak and was getting antifreeze big time in the oil, oil looked like foamy cappichino, put in BARS LEAK and changed oil several times. Never had a problem till now. Didnt fix it cause the quotes were 1500 - 2000 for new heads/gaskets. the car isnt ever worth that but it is my daily work car,

Redneck it looks like you are right, wanna walk me through it??

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Me again,
just went out and popped the oil filler cap...back to the same foamy whiteish yellow goo dripping off it. Also noticed low coolant light is on now..guesss where the anti freeze is going. That explains the high level of oil on the dipstick, and because of the anti freeze in the oil that explains the low pressure light...
I finally figured the mess out.

Now how screwed am I on a scale of 1 - 10 11?

I cant afford a used/newer/different car right now, but repairs can be afforded. I havent rebuilt engines since the days of high school and those were big block V8s. On these transaxle V6s is it possible for me to replace gaskets without removing engine. Or are long block 3.1L crate motors common to buy?
Any alternatives are appreciated, I have a feeling the internal components are junk from the antifreeze, even though engine sounds great, no oh-oh noises, am I right in this thinking?
Thank you, ps any web sites for crate motors with prices?
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check w. a gm dealer for a Targetamaster rebuild. I believe that you get everything (water pump, etc). Car may be worth the expense if you want to keep it for 2-3 more years.
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better yet...

gm p/n 12465190 gets you an AC Delco reman long block. Further thought results in me being unsure if the Targetmaster brand is still carried. Once again, check w. your local gm dealer for pricing.
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Thanks for the info otter,

Sorry to be a pain but I am in a jam here, in the professional opinion of the experts, it all comes down to this:

Would a top half tear down(engine still installed) and new gaskets have a chance to save the engine.(stop oil and antifreeze leak into each other)
Is there probably irriversable damage done inside, and a rebuilt is the only likely choice.
Be honest I can be brave and I cant get much lower today.

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Ah, now the truth comes out!! You have bigger problems than just an oil leak. You probably overheated this thing last summer and blew a head gasket--the barsleak was a temp fix--and I'm surprised it lasted that long. I would remove both heads, have them checked at a machine shop for cracks/warpage, and if they are good reinstall with new gaskets! Also a good time to replace the o-ring on that false distributor shaft (common oil leak area) that I was telling you about, while you have the intake off!
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Thumbs down

Pitch the whole engine. Doing a top half rebuilt is likely to lead to trouble, especially with this mileage and all the goo and problems you've had with it.

You can get a rebuilt engine from ATK North America with a warranty quite reasonably. I do agree with the others on a GM rebuild.

Invest the extra dollars for a GM shop manual. It will be invaluable during the repair. The links below have the sources on those.

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