1995 Buick LeSabre -- Power Door Locks


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1995 Buick LeSabre -- Power Door Locks


I'm having a problem with the driver side power door lock responding to the keyless remote and internal power locks. I hope one of the readers can provide some ideas as to what is happening and helpful hints to correct the problem.

This is a 1995 Buick LeSabre four door with keyless remote and an alarm system. This was purchased as a used car that was kept in great condition. This particular vehicle has a panel-type fascia on the door interior. There is a small piece around the door handle fastened with one allen screw.

I removed the fascia to gain access to the rod and linkage. As it turns out, the automatic locks on the driver's door will lock the driver's door and all other doors. The same automatic locks on the driver's door will unlock all other doors, except the driver's door. The automatic locks on the passenger door will lock and unlock all doors, but will not unlock the driver's door. The driver's door will lock, but not unlock, with the automatic locks.

I can lock the driver's door manually with the key. I can see the rod, that attaches to the interior fascia, or button, move downward when locked. I can manually move the rod up and down freely. The door will manually lock and unlock.

Just for the heck of it, I lubricated all joints and linkages with WD-40. I also swapped the driver and passenger modules that snap into the back of the fascia and provide the connection for the wire harness. The doors locked, but did not unlock. From the best of my diagnostic ability, the problem seems to be electrical, not mechanical.

The wire harness that snaps into the module on the back of the unlock/lock buttons contains five wires. When viewing the unlock/lock buttons, from left to right, the wires are gray, black, blue, orange and white.

What is the next step in determining the cause of the problem? Is it necessary to remove the entire interior door panel? If so, how? Where do I trace the wires? What else should I check, or what should I do to correct the problem?

Hopefully, you have seen this before (and it's a fairly simple fix). I greatly appreciate your advice and help. Thank you, in advance, for your assistance.

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If one door lock is not working correctly, I'd have to say a bad door lock actuator is the culprit.

About 35 to 50 bucks through AC Delco at any parts store.

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