Fuel Filter


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Antony W. Serio
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Fuel Filter

I have spent the past two hours trying to change out the fuel filter on an '88 S-10 pickup (4.3L, 4WD). I reduced the pressure in the line, and started working on the nuts on either end of the filter. The nut on the fuel tank side came out without a problem, but there is not much clearance to work on the other nut as it is above one of the frame rails. I can just barely get both wremches on it, but then I don't have enough clearance to turn either more than an inch. Is there a particualr trick to this operation? Any advice would be appreciated.
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Try turning the filter while holding the line nut against the frame rail.Or in other words,one wrench on the line nut with your other
wrench on the filter nut where you've already removed the line.Usually you can just spin the filter off.
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Antony W. Serio
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Allways, Allways, Allways- use the right tool for the right job!
Following Fordtech's advice, I attempted to brace the wrench on the nut against the frame, but I couldn't get the wrench to fit. Then, with one wrench on the nut, and the other wrench on the other side of the filter, I torqued it as hard as I could, and ended up rounding off the nut. I checked to make sure that I was using the proper size wrench- 5/8 on the nut and 13/16 on the filter, the only wrenches that I had that came close to fiting. I figured, American truck, Standard tools- wrong. After an inventory of my tools, I found that I was missing my 16mm wrench, and that I did not have a 20mm either. After a quick run to the auto parts store, I discovered that those two wrenches fit perfectly. I tried the 16mm wrench on the rounded nut, only to find that the nut was too damaged for it to fit anymore. I am treating this as a learning experience, and hope that I have not done irreperable damage to my truck.

It looks to me like I will have to replace the fuel line to get the filter off now. There is a short section of flexible rubber hose between the gas tank and the filter, but there is nothing that I could see upstream. Is there any other solution to this problem? Would it be possible to cut the line and insert a section of hose at the other end, or would the risk of making a spark be too great? If I do have to replace the fuel line, do they come pre-shaped, or will I need special tools to bend it? BTW, I do have the shop manual for this truck, but under 'fuel system' it says that I need the 'fuel injection service manual', which was not included in the service manual kit that I purhased from GM. Go figure. If I did not need an answer to this problem, I would post this in the 'summary of mishaps' at the start of the forums listing.
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sounds like it was rusted up badly and anything short of a line wrench it would of probably of rounded off anyway, seeing how that is a low pressure fuel injection system you could just cut the line and use a piece of rubber fuel line and just double hose clamp it to the line and you will have to get another fuel filter with a nipple on the end instead of a hex nut on the side that is cut off they do make about every combination for that filter you can get a nipple on the outlet or inlet side of course it will probably take some seraching at the autoparts store to find the one you need.
if you do decide to cut the line instead of replacing it just use a small tubing cutter that you twist by hand and you really dont have to worry about any sparks.
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You must always use a flare wrench on those type fittings to avoid rounding them . A regular box wrench tends to wipe them out.

They ARE standard (SAE) flare.

You may be able to buy the fitted lines from GM and they may not be that expensive. That's the route I would go.

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