Adding power to 1990 Chev pickup


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Adding power to 1990 Chev pickup

1990 Chev C-1500 4.3L Vortech, 5 sp manual.
110K miles

I am looking for a way to add a lil more pep to my 6-pack (yes, it's a 6, I know, but I am not looking for a hotrodder with a 350). Acceleration is fine, but could use a lil kick in the rear.

It runs tight, uses NO oil, 18 MPG (lead foot driving), oil changed religiously (Pennz), only runs as rough as a 12yr old engine should- fairly new AC Delco plugs.

For the price, what is the best option, especially with an engine as old as mine?? I have considered, based on testimony from friends:

K&N Filtercharger (or Tornado, but I like the K&N better).

Flowmaster exhaust]single or dual? seems like if it were cat-back it wouldn't matter b/c the exhaust channels through the bottlenecked cat anyway----- maybe dual cats??)

Headers- hard to find for a 1990 4.3- they are all 94 or newer.

MSD ignition and speed chip, 93 octane petrol - sounds expensive

used supercharger- overload on an old 6?

rip out the V6 and put a "talented" 350 in it - if you can recommend anyone who can do this for $500 sure. Otherwise, the 6 stays!

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None of them.

My friend has the same truck as this. He added some of your ideas, zero gain.

Leave it alone. It gets reasonable fuel economy and it works.

If you want power, buy a 350 or a 454, but be prepared to pay at the pump.
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Wow. Well, I was sorta satisfied with things as they were, I guess I'll have to leave them as is. Thanx!!!

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