funky AC/vent sounds


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Unhappy funky AC/vent sounds

When I run my A/C or just my vent, I have a weird stretch/moan and then click sound that happens every 18 seconds. (yes I counted!) When the A/C or vent is off, there isn't any sound. Does anyone know why this is happening and/or how I can fix it?
I have a 1998 Saturn SL2 4 cylinder. speed makes no difference.
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like your compressor is cycling on and off which is normal operation. However, if the noise is considerably louder than other background mechanical noise, it may be an indication of compressor problems.
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A/C vent sounds

The compressor may be cycling becouse the system is low on freon
You might check the compressor low pressure switch located on the high pressure side

What year make and model of car is it?
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are you saying

that it's not normal for an automotive a/c compressor to cycle? My understanding is that most systems use a duty cycle of 30-40% unless system is set to "max" which forces a 100% duty cycle.
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its post to cycle but when its hot enough outside to need a/c and its full of freon it usually will have to run awhile before it will start cycling, in colder weather the pressures are alot lower and therefor can cycle alot more, if it doesnt make the same noise in defrost position it is likely a blend door problem.
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In the original, it said that it does it when in the 'vent' position as well. Is the compressor supposed to kick in then? I thot it just came on during defrost and a/c positions.

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No the "VENT" position won't cycle the compressor.

However, the Saturn HVAC control is not set up like an old GM controller (OFF, MAX, NORM, VENT, BI-LEVEL, HEAT, DEF), where some of these automatically involve the compressor.

A Saturn has a separate A/C button. I would see if the noise is the same or different with the button out or in. Then you'll know where to look.

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