1991 Buick Park Avenue- Stalling-Progress Report....Help Still Needed!

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Question 1991 Buick Park Avenue- Stalling-Progress Report....Help Still Needed!

Gentlemen, Back in March several of you were kind enough to offer your assistance by offering possible solutions to the intermittent fault stalling that was, and still is, ailing my '91 Buick Park Ave with 3.8L V-6. The car stalls without warning after reaching full operating temperature - running or at idle. Will restart, but sometimes acts as if it is only running on 2 or 3 cylinders. Have replaced or swapped the following items: crankshaft position sensor, camshaft position sensor, coolant temperature sensor, ECM, MAF, coil pack, ignition module, fuel filter, plugs & plug wires. All remedies and procedures failed to fix the problem. I then took the car to the local Chevrolet dealer to run diagnostics. They were able to duplicate the problem, however, I was told that after all of their testing they had no idea what was wrong! (I was stunned by their honesty and by the fact that they didn't charge me for any of the diagnostic work!). Soooo, I again turn to the wisdom of the "Sages of the Automotive Forum". Does anyone have any ideas as to the nature of this problem? Is there a way to determine which is quitting first.....fuel? ignition? injection pulses? Something else? This has been a good learning experience, however, I would like to be able to drive old "unreliable" again someday! Thanking you again in advance for your help.javascript:smilie('')
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well if you leave the vehicle at a shop im sure someone could figure out what is causing the problem a dealership may not be the best place to take it.
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Park Ave's are known for electrical problems. It sounds like you may have a bad ground or loose bulkhead connection. Clean, check, and tighten every ground connection you can find. Is the problem completely unpredictable other than related to engine temp? Since it seems to do it when the engine is warm, it could also be condensation in a connection.

The dealership should be the best place to find the problem, as they have the correct manuals, diagrams, and technical assistance. Unfortunately, dealerships aren't always the most competent places.
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I agree with Cheese. Something may be chaffing or getting an intermittent contact at times.

Try another GM dealer to see if they can pin it down.
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Talking Fixed At Last!

Gentlemen, Again many thanks for all of your suggestions regarding the intermittent stalling problem in my '91 Park Avenue. Following a suggestion I changed the oxygen sensor - the problem has disappeared. Keep this quick and easy solution in mind for any GM owners (3.8L) having this sort of intermittent stalling problems and no trouble codes stored. Thanks again for all of your help.
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A chevy dealer couldn't find a bad O2 sensor?????
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Yea, something's not right here. That should have been spotted in a jiffy by the dealership.

While they were honest, they surely weren't competent .

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