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My car wouldn't start so I bought a Jumpstarter. I charged it up for 12 hrs but it wouldn't start the car. This is the first time I used it.

I tried it connected to the battery with the cables attached, and again with the cables disconnected and attached to the Jumpstart.

I couldn't find an unpainted metal surface for a ground, so I connected to a painted surface. The gauge showed a full charge on the jumpstarter and touching the leads together caused sparks. But connecting and turning it on didn't even light the domelight.

The car is on jacks in a garage and I can't get to it with cables.

Any ideas on why it wouldn't start the car. I think it's probably a poor ground, but maybe there's something else wrong with the car

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The ground won't work on a painted surface. There has got to be somewhere on the engine that bare metal is exposed. If your battery cables are bad or not making connection, you won't get anywhere until that is corrected.
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How old of a battery? Might just be worth it to pitch it for a new one if over 4 years old.
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I bought a new battery and got the car started.

I'm trying to figure if the Jumpstarter is ok or not. I suspected the inability to connect the ground to an unpainted surface was a problem. The cables are so short it's hard to reach anywhere.

But why didn't it start when I connected the Jumpstarter directly to the cables. I connected the ground to the ground cable. This is a side terminal car and it's hard to connect to these cables. That may have been the problem.

The battery has top and side mount terminals. I also connected the jumpstarter to the top mounts with the cables on the side mounts. This didn't work either.

The Jumpstarter gauge showed a good charge and the cables sparked when touched together.

Any ideas on why the car didn't start from the jumpstarter?
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Not sure of the brand of jump starter you have, but some of them have a button that must be held in when jump starting.
They'll still have power(the reason cables spark) but not boost power.
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Mine has a switch you turn for jumping.

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