ford tempo won't start - update - Aargh

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Unhappy ford tempo won't start - update - Aargh

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I have a 1986 ford tempo that on Monday decided it would not start, and has not started since.

It turns over, and I have power, but it won't fire up. I has been exhibiting not starting, but only after it has been driven for a while. When the engine was warm, it would not restart, it would just go rur, rur, rur. Wait a half hour then it was ok.

Now it just rur, rur, rurs, and won't start period.


I replaced the TFI Module on the distributor, and it still won't start.
Maybe this will fix my restart problems I was having, if I can get it running.

I stuck a screw driver in the the #3 plug wire (which tests ok) and held it near the chasis and no spark while my wife tried to start it.

I checked the primary coil which was .8 ohms and the secondary which was 8.23k ohms. OK? There is also 12 volts at the primary input for the coil when the key is put to start.

I checked the wires and they all seem low ohms.

I pulled the plugs and they seem ok, and have a faint smell of gas after a start attempt. I assume fuel is trying to make it there.

The battery wires get really warm too after a start attempt, and I tried a different battery too.

Help. I still just rur, rur, rurs. Sounds like it wants to, but but no fire.

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well remove coil wire and check for spark at coil you can use a test light hooked to the negative side of the battery should be able to jump a 1/2 inch gap but you can try holding it closer to see if the coil is just weak,
if you have no spark remove distributer cap and make sure rotor is turning when you crank the engine over if the rotor turns,
check for power on both sides of the ignition coil with the key on and the coil plugged in if you dont have power on both sides the coil is bad,
if you have power on both sides you will need to unplug your tfi module and with the key on you should have power at one of the terminals it is usually a blue wire you should have 12 volts to if you have power there you have a bad pick up in the distributer.
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If it is slow to turn over, which from your rur, rurs, it sounds like a bad starter. Sucking your amperage, not turning the engine. A new battery will have no change to this problem. Any more info to offer?

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