Plymouth Horizon doesnt start on third trip


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Plymouth Horizon doesnt start on third trip

I own a 1989 Plymouth Horizon with 29,000 original miles. Yes, it was owned by the "little old lady". Anyway, it runs great except for one problem. I can make one or two short trips, and then when I try to start the car for the third trip on the same day, it just chugs and chugs and does not start. If I wait 20 minutes or so, it usually will start. I have to be careful I don't run the battery down with all the attempts. Does anyone have any idea what may be causing this? The car has fuel injection and otherwise runs fine.

Any ideas would be appreciated...Thanks
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On the third attemp the engine does turn over? If not run over to auto parts store, or put a meter on the battery and see what kind of voltage you have, alt may be going out.

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When this problem occurs, it sounds like it is going to start, but does not. Actually it happens now even with a brand new battery.
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Auto not starting

This sounds like a nightmare I had in the shop a while back
Try replacing the module and clean the connectors on the dist
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Check for spark when it doesn't want to start. If you don't have spark, replace the pickup in the distributor. They are somewhat prone to failure.
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I agree with Cheese. Chrysler pickups are known problem areas on these.

Wow, haven't seen a "mint" Horizon in a long time. Lol.

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