Stalling When Turning and A/C on 1994 Accord


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Stalling When Turning and A/C on 1994 Accord

Hello, we have a 1994 Honda Accord LX with a 4 cylinder 232 cu inch engine. It has an automatic transmission and factory installed A/C. Car has about 80,000 miles on it.

Whenever the A/C is running, and only when A/C running, the car stalls when backing up and turning, either to the left or right. Otherwise, on the roads, stopped at lights, etc. it is ok. We replaced the battery, cables, distributor & rotor, plugs, filters and it still does this. We also replaced the fan and A/C belts. Basically, the shop told us this is a process of elimantion, but it is getting to be an expensive process!

Can anyone help!
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Sounds like the shop doesn't have a clue & is guessing at your expense. True diagnostics does not involve guesswork.

You might want to have a look at the POWER STEERING PRESSURE SWITCH. Here's what it is & what it does:

The Engine Control Module (ECM) uses the signal to modify injector opening time to compensate for the extra load being placed on the engine at idle.

When the steering wheel is moved at idle speed, the Power Steering switch senses the change in pressure and closes, sending a ground signal to the fuel ECM. On receiving this signal, the ECM increases idle speed to compensate for the additional load from the power steering pump.
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I agree with Knuckles 100%. Dump the parts changing good.
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A new problem cropped up before we could get the car to the shop. Whenever the A/C is on, the brake pedal sinks to the floor. The car stops, but when standing, the brake pedal drops slowly. I thought either new brake pads or master cylinder. My husband insisted upon taking it today to the shop that I think is ripping us off. (He had checked the brake pads and they have practically no wear).

Shop told me the following: its not the master cylinder, but they have no idea what the problem is. A couple hours later, they called to state well, maybe it is the master cylinder, maybe a vacuum leak or maybe the idle motor (whatever that is).

I am thinking there must be some kind of swich or electrical problem since this only seems to happen to both the steering and brakes when A/C is on. I have the car back now, I wouldn't let them touch it. Any thoughts?
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Does the brake warning light come on?

How's the condition of the brakes, shoes, when's the last time they were replaced?

Does sound like a vacuum issue based on your description.
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The brakes were replaced last year. At first we thought maybe they were wearing or something, so we took the wheels off. They still have a lot of meat on them. Rotors are not wearing, etc. The brake warning light does not come up, and the brake fluid reservoir is full.

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