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Question ac clutch

I have a 1992 LeBaron convertible, 3L V6, which makes the most awful screeching racket when I turn on the defroster or ac.

This noise subsides eventually, most of the time, and ceases when the compressor cycles off, only to recommence when the unit kicks in again.

I think it began doing this after I drove through some relatively deep, standing water during a severe rainstorm. I had been running the defroster all the all the distance before reaching this flooded bit of road.

The actual conditioning of the air hasn't suffered, at least using the defroster, as far as I can tell, since the compressor does cycle on and off. But as the summer months approach, I am much more likely to be using the AC.

The real question is, "Can I do anything to repair this problem, short of replacing the part?"
Additionally, "If replacement is necessary, is the clutch replaceable independent of the whole compressor unit, or is it all one part?"
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the clutch is replaceable but unless the belt is just loose, it sounds like you may have a compressor locking up and would be better to replace the whole compressor with clutch with a remanufactured unit you will probably want to take it to a shop to have this work done, but check your belt first and make sure its not loose.
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ac clutch

Thanks, I did not mention before that I have replaced the main serpentine belt since it started screaching, to no avail. This particular engine has a spring-loaded idler pulley which keeps the belt tensioned, and there is not any out of range deflection when I check the belt.

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