weird vibration '91 S-10


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weird vibration '91 S-10

I have a '91 S-10 with a 2.5. I just replaced the valve cover gasket about a month ago. And about a week or two afterwards I noticed a rhythmetic vibration I really can't feel it in the truck itself, but if I put my hand on the shifter (it's a manual trans) I can feel it really well, it first occured in fifth gear at right about 57 mph, but now I can feel it start around 45 mph in fourth gear, it seems to only do it when I am going up hill at full throttle or near full. At first I thought it was my tranny, but my supervisor at my shop said that the first thing to do is balance my rear tires. He said it is either that or my drive train. But I'm looking for a little more specific answer. When it surges it looses some power for a second then it goes back to normal then a second later it surges again. I can't figure out what it can be. My first inclination after the tranny was that I needed to change the gear oil in my differential, but I'm baffled. please help.
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You might also check the u-joints.
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how much damage can be done if I drive it at highway speeds for about 30 miles?
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Depends how bad it is. You could lose the joints and they can fall out and you've got trouble in River City if they do.

Go under the truck and move the driveshaft. Do you feel any play in it? Any missing weights on the driveshaft?

How's the tranny mounts?

If you rotate your tires back to front and the problem subsides, then you know it's wheel and tire related. If no improvement, then it's not in the wheels and tires more than likely.

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