'93 S-10 Blazer Catalytic converter


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Steven Swaim
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Question '93 S-10 Blazer Catalytic converter

'93 Chevy S-10 Blazer 4x4
4.3 Liter engine
135,000 miles

My exhause smells like rotten eggs. I think that is catalytic converter.
I found a discount catalytic converter sales place on line. $115.
How hard is this to change myself and should I try this myself?

After my 18 month long hate relationship with this vehicle I am hesitant to spend any more money with repair places.

The car started taking about 10 seconds to start after a local mechanic did a tune-up. Probably not related, but that's when it happened. He said it was Central Port Injector and replaced all that for $500, but the starting problem did not improve.

I took it to a recommended mechanic who kept it for almost three weeks, diagnosing and then he rebuilt the heads and re-tuned it but sill no improvement.
Now this bad exhaust smell. Could this have been the problem all along? Any relationship between the two.

Should I just give up, sell it and get another?
Its my wife's car and she loves it. Ya know those Texas girls and their trucks.....well, maybe not.

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How's the emissions coming out the back? Rotten egg smell could be due to:

1) A poor running engine that is overheating the converter...
2) A bad or dead O2 sensor (change it to rule it out..it's a 40
dollar part)
3) Some brands of fuel cause odors compared to others due to their content. Switch to a different brand of fuel to see if it helps any.

The 115 dollar converter is far from a bargain to install as it is likely a universal one. Very hokey and you'll get discouraged with it...spend a little more and put on a direct fit from Walker or AP, much better off. Universals are good for repair shops and exhaust shops that can make pieces up on the fly and have the equipment to easily remove and cut things (torches, saws, etc).

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