Power Steering - desparate


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Unhappy Power Steering - desparate

I have a 1999 Ford Taurus. The power steering pump started whining and I added fluid. Now it shoots fluid out of the top and then I can't steer. Help!!!
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Is it full? Now overfilled?

Take some out with a turkey baster and then refill it to the right level.

Start it up and see if it's ok now.
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I could almost bet you that if you look at the powersteering line as it comes off the powersteering pump you'll see what looks like a ball made into the line.The thing mentioned is supposed to help
quite the system.These things are extremely hard to bleed of air(usually have to use a motorized vacuum pump to do so) and costly to repair if not fixed before the pump burns up.
I'd have to suggest the dealer on this one.
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Question more power steering

My well-meaning husband tried the turkey baster, however he used F-type transmission fluid in the power steering pump and now it no longer whines but all I have is "muscle power". I can't convince him that the fluids are different. He says that one is just more expensive.
How bad can it be.
I also have a problem locating a pump if I need to replace it. I have conflicting information. One place says"special order", one says "in stock-with or without reservoir", one says "same pump from '92-'99" and one says none of them know what they are talking about.
Please clarify this also.
More info...
1999 Taurus LX, 3.0 Vulcan, SOHC.

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