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Question Transmission Question

I am trying to put a Transmission Filter Kit on my 1996 Ford Mark III Conversion Van and I have come up with an EXTRA piece. Could you possible tell me what it is and where it goes. It looks sort of like a mallet you would use on a xylaphone (sp ?). It is 2-3 inches long and has a black o-ring or washer type thing around the middle of it. Then it has a stick coming from the middle of it. It kind of look like a lollipop I guess you could say. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Melisa
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You can throw it away it is a just a factory plug that dos not get reused.
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Agree 100%.Ford puts those in the hole for the dipstick tube during manufacturing.They just push the tube in which knocks the plug into the pan.It won't hurt a thing.

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