86 Bonneville Pinging


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86 Bonneville Pinging

I bought this 86 bonneville off my great aunt that is in great condition inside and out with only 36000 miles and the 305 v8 for only 1000 bucks

After driving it for a few weeks I noticed that when idling it would smell very gassy and would be difficult to start if not yet warm.

I decided that I would change out the spark plugs just for good measure.

I went to the local parts store and got the replacement plugs.

When I was installing them I noticed that the plugs I was pulling were different than the ones I was putting in --namely the ones I pulled had a higher number. After consulting the internet I learned that I did have the right plugs and the ones that were in there were not the proper ones. At this point I thought I had solved the problem.

Unfortunately when I tested the car with the new plugs I noticed the engine running rough at idle. However the gassy smell and the engine killing have been remedied.

The rough running is more annoying than the killing or the smell so I feel as though I have taken two steps back.

I am sure I hooked the cables back up right because I did them one at a time.

This is a most peculiar problem and I would appreciate any info you can give me on it.
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Likely a very old and worn/tired carburetor at this point. Time for a rebuild...

You can get a Quadrajet repair kit (rebuilding kit) from any parts store. Change the float, choke pull of and choke stat at the same time.
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Sounds to me like you have some bad plug wires. the ARE 16 years old. You may have damaged them when you put in new plugs. They are easier to replace than rebuilding the carb. Some higher octane gas may be in order.
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I'll bet at this stage of the game BOTH are bad .

A full tuneup on any car you just buy is a must. That means plugs, cap, rotor, wires, all filters, etc.

I assume that whoever I get a car from did nothing to it and it all needs attention. More often than not, that's the case with something this old .

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